This is in-app course for flight attendants can replace all those expensive training courses

Ex flight attendant creates app to help others fulfill their dreams of working within the travel industry.

A journey begins

Hello my name is Emma I am the founder of this project, and my journey began when, like many young men and women, I’ve been unemployed and searched for a job to start my real life and pay my bills. I was just after high school with no idea what life had in store for me. After realizing that there were good jobs available in the air transport area, I enrolled in a flight attendant program.

Early years of study

School just isn’t compatible with me and sadly never was. All my years in school I struggled and never knew which direction I would like to continue my education. After high school I realized that studying at any University will cost me a lot of money and I had no idea what to do.

Finding my own way

After years of study I still haven’t got any work expectation or even a small chance to get a job with a good salary. I worked as a waiter and always wondered when it could be my opportunity to find something which I really like to do. With simple steps, I managed to quit my job as a waiter and become a flight attendant. See which tips I can give.

Stepping on the road

One day I heard about a possibility to take a course to become a flight attendant and combine traveling which is my hobby with work and have a good income every month. It sounded amazing, and i was convinced it was the plan that could work and change my life, but the resources weren’t perfect, the courses were too expensive or too complicated, they were not always accurate, and after attending many classes in different courses in different platforms, I decided to compile everything i know and it worked! Since I had seen firsthand the results of training and education of this program, my new goal was to become a real flight attendant and start my new life.

Reaching my Goals

Three years later, for the first time, my family had the job stability and income to enjoy such things as a better car, medical insurance, and even an occasional vacation. As a member of this study program I have watched many people move from unskilled to skilled status and enjoy the benefits that come from training and education. I enjoyed my flight attendant career, and it served as an example to my two sons as well.

Changing life of others

Learning does indeed make us fulfilled so that is why I decided to help others to reach their goals and dreams. I collected all my experience, tips and studies to create an application. Users of this app don’t need to make the same mistakes as I did during the way and can save time and money to become a flight attendant. I believe this app will help many of you to reach a better lifestyle and fulfill your dreams.

Download this app if you want to be a flight attendant